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Vishnu International offers a growing number of pieces in trendy Solid wood furniture. This furniture style works well within the “bring the outdoors” theme that is gaining popularity in interior design. People asks frequently related to this unique and beautiful edge type furniture.

Solid Wood Furniture describes the shape of the solid wood dining table, dining chair, book shelf, shoe rack, king size bed, queen size bed, wardrobe, wooden sofa, recliner or study table in question. As pictured below, see following images carefully the natural appearance of the furniture. Our furniture built with Solid wood is custom hand stained and coated with a catalyzed conversion varnish just like all of our other furniture. Characteristics of the wood remain and knots are filled to avoid an uneven surface, but remain visible. The raw beauty of the hardwood is maintained.

Solid Wood furniture is completely original by definition. No two pieces of solid wood furniture can ever be exactly alike. Further, It combines the rustic appeal of solid wood furniture with the refined appearance of upmarket design. Solid wood furniture from India will have the same heirloom life expectancy of all our other furniture.

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